Hall of Fame - Batting | Colyton St Clair Colts Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1125163795015337043505372125Jason BrownColyton St Clair2020/20215th Grade5 1Hazelbrook
2116163795015337043505397116*Jason BrownColyton St Clair2020/20215th Grade13 1Glenmore Park
38610606411533704350561886Jamie W WalshColyton St Clair2020/20219th Grade1 1Minchinbury Warriors
48010494781533704357483080Aaditya RahejaColyton St Clair2020/2021Under 146 1Glenbrook Blaxland Silk
57514673691533704357482175*William BellColyton St Clair2020/2021Under 143 1Cranebrook
6758831451533704350565475Bryce FennColyton St Clair2020/20219th Grade10 1Springwood
76310494781533704357484463*Aaditya RahejaColyton St Clair2020/2021Under 149 1St Clair Hawks
86020768651533704350538760Matt BradburyColyton St Clair2020/20215th Grade10 1Hazelbrook
96010186221533704350561860Arjun RajpalColyton St Clair2020/20219th Grade1 1Minchinbury Warriors
10597152921533704357470359Hayden B DunnColyton St Clair / Colyton Hawks2020/2021Under 15/16 Division 14 1Glenmore Park Red
11591468491533704350544359David DunnColyton St Clair2020/20216th Grade7 1Mulgoa Valley
125910494781533704357484159Aaditya RahejaColyton St Clair2020/2021Under 148 1Emu Plains
1359564921533704350541559*Brandon SpeedieColyton St Clair2020/20215th Grade19 1Emu Plains
145816379501533704350538758Jason BrownColyton St Clair2020/20215th Grade10 1Hazelbrook
15557937781533704350544555*Oscar SultanaColyton St Clair2020/20216th Grade8 1Penrith RSL
16548831451533704357470954Bryce FennColyton St Clair / Colyton Hawks2020/2021Under 15/16 Division 16 1Glenbrook Blaxland Starc
17537937781533704371990053Oscar SultanaColyton St Clair2020/2021Twenty20 "B" Grade4 1Emu Plains
185319124041533704357469553*Kade ZammitColyton St Clair / Colyton Hawks2020/2021Under 15/16 Division 11 1Penrith RSL Blue
195214673691533704350568952William BellColyton St Clair2020/20219th Grade19 1Jamison Hotel
205020947031533704350541550Steve DawsonColyton St Clair2020/20215th Grade19 1Emu Plains
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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